Cosmo International Fragrances



Compañía General de Essencias (“CGE”) is a family-owned, middle market supplier of fragrances for household and personal care products in Europe. CGE’s owners decided that it was in the best interest of the company to align itself with an international fragrance firm that could bring additional resources and continuity to CGE and its employees. The owners did not want CGE’s business to be simply absorbed into a larger organization without its legacy and infrastructure being maintained by an acquirer.
Cosmo International Fragrances (“Cosmo”) had successfully grown in the US and international markets, primarily in fine and personal care fragrances and was looking to expand its footprint in Europe.


With a strong contact base, and knowledge acquired over more than a decade of working in the flavor and fragrance industry, Conexus Capital Advisors was able to negotiate a transaction that allowed Cosmo to expand its footprint in Europe, and obtain additional business as well as expertise in certain household product markets. Cosmo will build CGE’s infrastructures and facilities into a center of excellence for household products in Europe.

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