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Dr. Joachim Kohn, a Board of Governors Professor of Chemistry at Rutgers University and Director of the renowned New Jersey Center for Biomaterials, had developed over the last 20 years —together with his students—a portfolio of more than 50 patents and patent applications relating to a new class of bio-degradable polymers. These tyrosine-derived polycarbonates and polyarylites, which safely degrade into non-toxic elements within the body, have the potential to provide dramatic improvements over existing medical therapies in a broad range of applications including orthopedics, tissue regeneration, surgery, infection control, and drug delivery.

Within orthopedics for example, the polymers can be molded into any shape, and replace traditional metal or ceramic screws and pins. Once the injured area of the body can support itself, the polymer dissolves and is absorbed, creating a more natural healing process, and minimizing the need for follow-on procedures to remove unnecessary orthopedic hardware. The polymers dissolvability – which can be controlled to between several hours and several years – also makes them ideal for use as a time-controlled non-toxic drug delivery medium. These properties allow the polymer to be used in a broad range of applications ranging from low-toxicity delivery of chemotherapeutic agents, to steady release of antibiotics to control bacterial infections.

While the polymers developed by Dr. Kohn certainly have the potential to significantly reduce the costs, and healing times associated number of medical applications, bringing the polymers from the laboratory to a clinical setting would be no simple task.


Rutgers University was looking for a partner to provide the necessary funding for a full commercial and scientific evaluation of the potential applications of the patent portfolio. With specific applications and a proof of concept, the University would be in the position to capitalize the full value of the University’s intellectual property by rising the necessary private funding to bring medical products to the market and/or negotiate meaningful partnerships and royalty income streams with large medical device and pharmaceutical companies.


At a time when the financial markets were in turmoil, and investing had nearly ground to a halt, the partners at Conexus Capital Advisors were able to assemble a group of investors that were willing to provide capital as well as valuable industry experience. With the capital raised, Trident Biomaterials Inc. will bring the technological innovations from Dr. Kohn’s laboratories to a point where either the commercialization of specific products can be funded, or a specific product / field of use can be licensed to medical device and pharmaceutical companies. By tapping into its network of seasoned medical device executives, Conexus was also able to locate management talent capable of executing Trident’s business strategy.

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