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We very much value Conexus’ on-going board level commitment and continued financial and strategic advice. This has been an ideal partnership for us.

Frank J Campanale
Valence Process Equipment, Inc.

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Our Approach

In a sea of advisory firms, Conexus Capital Advisors stands apart.

Strategic & Financial Advisory in One Package.

Our clients know when they engage Conexus they get much more than a financial advisor. With over 50 combined years of advisory and investing experience, our partners have been integral in the success of many companies both large and small. Using our experience we are able to quickly assess business strengths, address weaknesses, and provide a set of recommendations that create immediate value for our clients.

Wall Street Advice at Main Street Prices.

Over the years we have seen many small and midsize companies seek advisory services from expensive Wall Street names in the hopes of better service. The results are often the same - dissatisfied clients, little to no senior staff attention, and a deal that often takes a back-seat to larger transactions.

At Conexus we offer the same Wall Street advice (our partners trained at firms like Goldman Sachs and Salomon Brothers) at rates far more attractive to middle market firms. Perhaps just as important, your deal will always be our top priority, and you will always have a partner as your primary contact - projects are never turned over to subordinates after the first meeting. It is this level of commitment that has allowed us to develop two decade long relationships with many of our clients.

Global Reach...

Today more and more companies are seeking to globalize their efforts, and with 300 million consumers in the US, and 400 million in the EU, tapping new markets makes sound economic sense. Many companies however have found the transition to be more difficult than originally anticipated. Legal, economic, and cultural differences present challenges which must be handled properly to achieve success.

Out team is international in nature, with members raised and educated in North America, Europe and Asia. With multi-language fluency, on-the-ground experience, an awareness of cultural differences, and a global business network, the partners of Conexus have assisted many companies in executing successful sales, acquisitions & mergers, as well as long lasting joint ventures, and partnership agreements worldwide.
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