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Conexus was instrumental in helping us map out an ideal financing path for Valence and executed on the plan as promised.

Frank J Campanale
Valence Process Equipment, Inc.

Financing and Capital Raising

Cash Is Still King.

No matter how revolutionary the product or how many lives it changes, every business needs capital to grow. In many cases business owners look to friends and family for their initial investment, but as these sources of cash are depleted, firms turn to institutional investors - venture capital firms, private equity firms, mezzanine funds, etc. - to finance their next phase of growth.

Raising Capital, Your Other Fulltime Job.

Many business owners often underestimate the requirements of the capital raising process. First, a business must spend many hours to develop a business plan, projections, and supporting documents. Next, they must locate, and approach the proper institutional investment firm - many of which are inundated with hundreds of proposals each day. Finally, the company must follow up with, interface with, and develop additional documentation as requested by an investor. Many clients that approached us for help say they usually spent more time raising capital than running their business - in some cases with little to no investor interest.

With our experience, and established relationships, the partners at Conexus Capital Advisors can help you to avoid the pitfalls of the capital raising process. We will also help you to develop the right approach the first time around. This is critical given that investors maintain databases where a deal, once rejected, becomes very difficult to resurrect.

We have helped many companies raise the capital they needed to grow their business, and we know what investors look for. Our partners manage a venture capital fund ( that specializes in early stage medical technology companies, medical devices, biomaterials and enabling technologies. Who better to help raise capital for you than those who understand the investor mindset?
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