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...Thanks to Conexus, the execution of a cross-cultural transaction was successfully completed to the mutual benefit and satisfaction of all parties involved...

Galyn "Rip" Rippentrop
CEO of Frontier Kemper
Constructors, Inc. (Retired)

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

The term M&A is often used to refer to the sale or purchase of a company. While this may accurately describe a large number of deals, many others involve the divestiture of a single division, or the sale of intangible assets. No matter the size of the deal, two fundamental issues must always be addressed - Valuation (what is the investment worth), and Financing (how will it be funded - cash, seller financing, stock, earn outs, etc.).

Valuation, is also highly subjective and can lead to very different assessments by the buyer and seller. Equally, the structure of financing is limited only by the creativity of the parties involved. As a result, neither valuation nor financing can be approached casually. Each requires a specific set of skill sets that become polished only through experience.

With over 300 successful transactions, our partners have helped clients with M&A transactions in a broad range of industries worldwide. Our experience will help you to negotiate a favorable valuation, and develop a financing package to close the deal.
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