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Conexus was instrumental in helping us divest our Brazilian subsidiary in a quickly executed, highly successful transaction. We were impressed by Conexus’ professional execution, knowledge and depth of relationships in the F&F industry.

Ted Kesten
Former CEO & Owner
Belmay, Inc.

Shareholder Buyouts

Cashing Out and Other Early Departures.

At some point in the life of a private company, one or more shareholders will seek liquidity. The resulting divergence in objectives can create unrest that in some cases may impact corporate performance. A simple solution would be a buyout of the divesting owner, however most companies lack sufficient cash flow to finance it. Complicating matters further, raising external capital can be both time consuming and challenging.

The challenges that face shareholders warrant retaining a professional advisory firm skilled in valuations and negotiations. The partners at Conexus Capital Advisors have substantial experience working with shareholder groups to develop succession plans and formulate liquidity options. We can help buyers and sellers to overcome many of the pitfalls, help to establish realistic expectations, and find a middle ground acceptable to all partiers involved.
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