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Lavender Fields


Essential oils have been used for many hundreds, even thousand, years going back to the Egyptian empire. Essential oils have many benefits in health, food, and human well-being. With the increasing demand for natural ingredients, many companies that distill these oils have again become of strong interest for larger ingredient companies that seek to secure a supply of natural material and its quality/traceability. Large consumer product companies, as well as their core ingredient suppliers, want to assure that their supply chains are fair to producers and growers and sustainably sourced as well as secure. Supply chain interruptions of the recent past such as fires, natural disasters as well as COVID-19 have added to these concerns. We work with suppliers in many exotic countries as well as white biology companies that have developed alternate pathways to rare and expensive ingredients. Conexus is also networked to many companies producing aromatic chemicals. These companies are reorganizing their supply chain both in the developed and developing world.

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