Conexus was instrumental in helping us divest our Brazilian subsidiary in a quickly executed, highly successful transaction. We were impressed by Conexus' professional execution, knowledge and depth of relationships in the F&F industry.

Former CEO & Owner of Belmay, Inc.



Conexus has a strong transaction record representing growth companies from the United States, Europe, Latin America and, increasingly, from Asia Pacific. Conexus aspires to be the leading trusted advisor in the following industries:

Flavor & Fragrance:
The flavor & fragrance industry is our passion and our history. The industry is characterized through its internationality driven consumer products companies. We have seen middle-market companies of relatively small size that have followed their customers’ international expansion. The industry also has consolidated vertically into essential oils and even proprietary flavoring/fragrancing molecules as well as horizontally into other value-added ingredients.

Food Ingredients:

The food ingredient industries are characterized by a large number of smaller companies operating alongside some of the well-known, large international firms. Cost pressures, scale economies,  succession issues as well as excellent valautions have caused many companies to consolidate and/or seek an exit. We have become increasingly active in helping these suppliers structure a sale/merger of their companies. We have also represented larger suppliers and private equity firms in finding suitable additions for their operations. The industry is undergoing significant change as consumers in developed countries increasingly realize that their food intake will drive their health abd are demanding cleaner labels and the use of “natural”, substainably-sourced ingredients. This change will create many opportunities for new firms and concepts. 

Essential Oils and Aroma Chemicals:

Essential Oils have been used for many hundred years going back to the Egyptian empire. They have many benefits in health, food and human well-being. With the increasing demand for natural ingredient, many companies that distill these oils have again become of strong interest by larger ingredient companies to secure supply of natural material and their quality/traceability. We work with suppliers in many exotic countries as well as white biology companies that have developed alternate pathways. Conexus is also closely connected to companies producing aromatic chemicals both in the developed and developing world.

Cosmetic Ingredients:

Many companies developing fragrances for their cosmetic products customers have started to look to combine their fragrances with cosmetic ingredients. Cosmetic ingredient companies have started to look at fragrance companies to round out their product offerings. With our international footprint and relationships, Conexus has become very active in the cosmetic ingredient industry worldwide. It is a fascinating industry with many challenges and opportunities

Trading Companies of Essential Oils, Aroma Chemicals, Food Ingredients and Cosmetic Ingredients:

With our increasing focus on the above industries, Conexus has also developed relationship with companies focused on trading these ingredients. Like the consumer product companies and their suppliers of specialized and functional ingredients, the traders fulfill a useful service in the supply chain of distributing, upgrading and purifying ingredients. Again, many trading companies have developed from more narrow focused geographies into power houses with an international reputation.



We started as boutique M&A firm in Northern New Jersey focusing on the flavor & fragrance industry. In the US, the industry originated in lower Manhattan with the establishment of essential oil trading houses. After initially moving up-town and then up-state, most flavor & fragrance companies finally settled in Northern New Jersey, Southern New York and Connecticut. Like Grasse, the birthplace of perfumery, or Barcelona, Spain, or Paris, France, Northern New Jersey has become a strategic cluster for flavor & fragrance and other ingredient companies. After having become a strategic advisor to many flavor & fragrance companies, both small and large, we expanded our coverage initially to Europe and later to Middle and Latin America as well as Asia. When the flavor & fragrance industry continued to consolidate horizontally integrating food ingredient into ingredient systems and fragrance with cosmetic ingredients as well as other natural and functional ingredients, Conexus followed the industry worldwide. We have also worked with white biology companies and food technology companies that are focused on discovering new ingredients or producing valuable ingredients through fermentation pathways.

We are passionate about our clients and the industry worldwide. You can find us attending all IFEATs, World Perfumery Congresses and Food Ingredient Shows. If you plan a transaction in the industry, you should talk to us. You will feel the difference: It is not just commitment, it is passion.